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Thanks for visiting my website.

My name is Jo (pictured right) and I live in West Sussex with my husband and two sons,


I learnt photography the old fashioned way at college with an old minolta film camera. I learnt to process and develop images myself and spent many of my happiest hours in the dark room, surrounded by enlargers and the smell of photographic chemicals, that weren't always pleasant!


Never the less this is where my love for Photography started and for the past 10 years since branching out alone in this competitive industry I have turned my hand to many different spheres.


Every photographer has their own individual style and may find their strength lies in a particular photographic sphere.

Over time I have learnt that mine lies in capturing the brief and delightful moments of children. I love mixing the frivolity of children with our natural world. When a child is lost in that most perfect state of just being a child, that is when you get the best pictures.

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